How to get a ticket for the first time? Here’s how to find out

When you first get a look at the front of the ticket, you might think it’s all about you.

But, there’s more to it than just the price.

And it’s really not all about the money.

Here are five things to know before you even get to the door, whether it’s to see your favourite band, get to see an old friend or even have a quick chat with a fan.1.

Who is getting in?

Do you want to see the band you love play?

Or maybe you want a quick selfie?

That’s fine, the show is still happening, so you can still get in.2.

Who gets to see it?

The first 50,000 people to get in at the door will get in for free.

Tickets can also be bought at the gate, but only the first 50 people will get to go to the show.3.

What is the venue?

The venue for the show has yet to be revealed.

The concert is happening at the National Centre, but there are no confirmed dates yet.4.

Where is the show?

The event will be played in the National Theatre.5.

Who will be there?

Tickets are still available for the concert, but they are not set to be sold until Saturday.

The venue has yet also not been revealed.

More to come.

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