Pokemon fans have been waiting for Pokemon GO: ‘It’s so much fun’

Fans of the hugely popular mobile game Pokemon GO are eagerly awaiting the latest addition to the beloved franchise, Pokemon GO Plus.

The augmented reality game features a new set of gameplay features, including a new ability called ‘floating’, which allows players to go around the screen.

‘It feels good, and the new ability is really fun to play with,’ says one Pokemon GO player, who wished to remain anonymous.

‘If you’re not looking for the big monsters, then it’s definitely worth playing.’

‘It felt good, the new capability is really cool’ ‘The new ability allows you to walk around the game’s main screen, like you’re walking around the TV’ A new Pokemon GO update will be released later this week, but for now, it’s just a matter of waiting for the game to roll out on more devices.

‘We can’t really say anything about the new features because they are coming, but we are definitely excited to have this feature,’ said Tom, who is a member of the Pokemon GO community.

‘Plus, it feels really good, it has a lot of potential.

I’ve got a couple of friends that are super into Pokemon Go, so it’s cool to see them playing together.’

I’m also really into the game because I want to see what I can do with the new capabilities.

It feels really, really fun and it’s a great way to catch ’em all.’

For the first time in Pokemon GO’s history, players can also choose to see which Pokemon they have captured in the game.

‘You’ll be able to see who’s caught which Pokemon in the top right corner,’ said one of the players.

‘I think it’s great for catching and catching’ ‘You can see which monsters are available for capture and where you are in the world’ Pokemon GO also features a ‘capture every move’ option.

‘This is just the new way to capture,’ said another player.

‘The capture every move will take you to the next world, which is where you can capture and evolve all your monsters.

It’s a pretty neat feature, and it is really nice to see all the new monsters coming out.’

In addition to a new catch every move feature, Pokemon Go Plus also features new ‘floaters’, which allow players to ‘flock’ around the map.

‘As the name suggests, it is a small circle that moves like the screen does,’ said a third player.

Pokemon GO players will be able choose between two different ways to capture a ‘floater’: ‘You capture one and move it around, or you capture both and move them around’ ‘Once you capture a floater, you will get a chance to change your movement’ The game is available on Android and iOS devices, with the iOS version being available for free on Tuesday.

Pokémon GO Plus will cost £1.99.

What are your favourite Pokemon GO features?

Leave your comments below.

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