A look at the top 10 stories of 2017: the year ahead

I’m looking forward to another exciting year for the business of the blog, and I’m going to start with the top stories of the year.

The new year has seen a lot of news in the Australian financial market.

It has been a year of significant volatility and upheaval for the Australian dollar, the world’s largest reserve currency.

But it has also been a banner year for Australian property, with the number of houses for sale in the national capital soaring, and the number available listings on the secondary market rocketing.

And the country’s financial markets have continued to recover from the global financial crisis, and they have started to make some of the most important moves of the last few years.

So, what’s happening to the Australian economy in 2017?

The big news in 2017 has been the Reserve Bank’s decision to keep interest rates at zero for a further six months.

In this context, it’s important to note that the interest rate policy has been used for years to stimulate economic activity, and it’s been a useful tool to help the Reserve raise the value of the dollar, while keeping the value level of the economy stable.

I think that’s a good thing.

Since the mid-1990s, interest rates have been low relative to other countries.

As the Reserve has kept the rates low, we’ve seen an increase in demand for the currency, with Australians spending a lot more on Australian products.

For a lot longer than that, the Reserve kept rates low by keeping inflation low, so the real interest rate stayed low, and we were able to stimulate the economy and the economy grew.

This has led to some of our biggest macroeconomic problems.

One of the big problems has been that the economy has not grown at the pace that we need to.

Australia’s gross domestic product grew by 3.2 per cent in the first quarter of this year, but this was in a context where the economy was already growing more slowly than the global economy.

Now, it seems that we’re seeing an acceleration of growth.

We have had an inflation rate that is more than four times higher than the inflation rate of the U.S., and we’re on track to hit a record high in real terms in the next few years, which will give us a lot to be proud of.

What’s more, the Australian inflation rate is now above 1.5 per cent, and if we can keep interest on hold and inflation at that level, we should be able to create jobs and increase incomes for everyone.

On the other hand, it is also true that we are seeing a lot less growth in the manufacturing sector, which has been an important part of our economy for a long time.

That has been particularly important because of the way that we’ve had to deal with the financial crisis.

To be fair, we’re still in the midst of a very weak global economy, and a lot has been happening in the domestic market, so there’s still a lot we can do to improve the domestic economy.

But there is a very clear path for the economy to get stronger, and Australia has been in a good position to take advantage of that.

At the same time, there are some very big challenges ahead.

First, there’s the issue of jobs.

There are more than 10 million jobs in the construction and maintenance industry.

A new report from the Institute of Manufacturing and Automation estimates that there are more unemployed people than employed people.

While the construction industry will grow at its normal rate, and continue to grow at about 1.7 per cent over the next five years, there is still a long way to go to make up for the jobs that have gone.

Second, we need more people to work in the service sector.

Already, there have been significant job losses in the tertiary education sector.

That means we need at least 1.4 million people working in tertiary care, as well as the construction sector.

We also need to create a lot greater demand for skills, as many Australians are now looking to take the skills they’ve learnt in the past and apply them to other roles.

Third, we have to create more jobs in rural and regional areas.

These are regions where the population is low and the people are not.

If we want to create the conditions for growth, we’ll need to have more people moving into these places.

Finally, we also need more young Australians working in the industry.

We’ve had a lot growth in youth employment in recent years.

So, there will be growth in that sector.

I believe that we will see that growth increase substantially in coming years.

I’m hopeful that we’ll see the employment of young people increase significantly in coming quarters.

Looking ahead, we are starting to see some signs of economic recovery in some parts of the country.

Job creation has continued to accelerate in some regions, as we

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