A radiator fan can help prevent cold air getting into your home

If you’re concerned about air quality, you might be thinking of getting a radiator fan.

But new research from Duke University shows that a radiator is not necessarily the answer to keeping your home cool.

The researchers say the new study could help homeowners with air quality concerns who aren’t getting the best results with traditional air conditioning.

The Duke University researchers say they found that there was no benefit to using a radiator, but the results were significant, especially for homes with higher temperatures.

They say it may help homeowners who have been trying to reduce their heating bills by using more efficient air conditioners.

“This is a great finding because it’s a very powerful finding,” said David K. Daugherty, a professor of environmental engineering and of public health sciences at Duke.

“You can put it in your head, you can go, I’m going to buy one.”

Daugherty said that using a water cooling radiator would be like a “water cannon” to heat up a room.

“We’ve seen that a water cannon can help you reduce a house’s greenhouse gas emissions,” he said.

“But water cannons aren’t going to keep temperatures down.”

The study also found that a fan would not be effective at cooling your home, either.

The researchers say that fans use electricity to move air around, but that their output is not enough to cool your home.

“If you have a fan and you’re using it for cooling, you’re just increasing the efficiency of your fans and not cooling your house,” Daugmeyer said.

In addition to helping you keep your home cooler, Daugury said it could also help homeowners prevent cold spots in their home.

Daugury noted that many homeowners are worried about the water quality of their homes, and he said that a cooler, cleaner home can be more attractive to people who want to reduce or eliminate their carbon footprint.

“They think, well, if I just change my thermostat, I’ll just reduce my carbon footprint, and it’s not going to do that,” Daughherty said.

Duggers added that this study was just the latest evidence to suggest that fans are not a good idea.

In recent years, there has been an explosion of research into water cooling systems.

Researchers are now developing a new technology to make water coolers that can also be used to cool homes.

“We’re seeing a lot of advances,” Duggers said.

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