Which is the best case of a fanless PSU?

There’s no better way to get your PC to run quieter than with a fan, right?

Well, not quite, according to a study that looks at the relative performance of various models of case fans.

According to a new report from PCWorld, the case fans in every major brand of power supply tested in the study performed about the same as their non-fan counterparts.

That’s great news for users who might want to use a fan that’s more expensive or that can handle longer periods of time.

But as for the fans rated for a quieter environment, we can only guess.

According the study, the fans in most cases were rated at or below the standard 120 Hz, 140 Hz, and 150 Hz rated on the fan-review site.

The study was conducted by NPD, a leading provider of data about consumer electronics.

The company also supplied a list of the top 10 rated case fans for each brand of case fan.

The highest rated fans for the top four brands were rated as rated by Nippon Chemi-Con.

The top-rated fans rated in terms of noise performance were rated for 80-120 Hz at 80 dB (decibel) or 140-160 Hz at 140 dB (dB) using Nippons Chemi Con’s standard rating.

We’ll be keeping an eye on these figures and other data to see how these fans perform in the real world.

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