Watch The Hunt Begins in the New York City Hunter ceiling fan

The hunt is on for the world’s coolest fan, a fan that can cool your home to an astonishing 105 degrees Fahrenheit and even the Hunter itself has a few tricks up its sleeve to keep the heat from ruining your night.

The fan, which is reportedly rated to cool an entire room to 100 degrees, is designed to fit into a standard Hunter ceiling vent and can be connected to an electric fan to keep your home’s temperature as cool as possible.

You’ll have to get used to the fan’s weird looks as you try to keep yourself from sweating, though.

“You’ll want to keep it at a low temperature, as well as close your doors, as it can heat up your house to 110 degrees,” Hunter spokeswoman Megan Williams told Wired.

If you can’t get to a Hunter ceiling, however, you can still get a closer look at the Hunter fan’s incredible performance.

A hunter fan, shown here, is one of Hunter’s coolest designs, according to its website.

According to Hunter’s website, the Hunter ceiling fans can cool the Hunter Hunter’s ceiling to 105 degrees, and are built with a new thermal-imaging technology to help keep temperatures below 110 degrees.

The Hunter fan can even be plugged into a generator to power the fan and keep your room cooler.

Hunter Hunter Hunter Hunter is a company that specializes in custom-built ceiling fans.

They’re all the rage these days.

How the Hunter Fan WorksHunter Hunter’s Hunter fan has two components that work together to keep you cool.

One of the fans is connected to a generator, which will turn the fan on when it detects a temperature difference between the Hunter and the Hunter.

Then, a second fan is attached to the Hunter to keep heat off the Hunter’s underside.

The fan can also be powered by a generator.

When you’re at your Hunter’s peak and the temperature reaches 105 degrees or above, the fan starts spinning, and it will turn on as soon as it senses the Hunter is in the cool, cool zone.

The speed of the fan is controlled by a digital temperature sensor, and the fan will be able to control the fan speed from up to 10 percent.

When the Hunter has cooled down to around 60 degrees, the fans speed will decrease, so you’ll need to adjust the fan speeds accordingly.

The Hunter fan is capable of cooling down the Hunter up to 110 feet above ground level.

Williams said the Hunter fans are rated to run for five hours per day, but if you’re using one of the Hunter floor fans, it should run for 15 to 20 hours.

The ceiling fans aren’t the only cool fan in the Hunter line-up, though, and there’s a Hunter wall fan and a Hunter roof fan.

Williams said there are three Hunter ceiling models: the Hunter-X, Hunter-Z, and Hunter-S.

The X model, for example, has an interior design that makes it more comfortable to wear.

There’s a range of Hunter ceiling options, including Hunter-A, Hunter, and a version for those who don’t want to pay top dollar for a Hunter.

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