How we got the ‘Raiders’ logo tattooed on our bodies

Posted November 16, 2018 05:20:47A tattoo of the famous logo on a player’s body is becoming a more common way of communicating a team’s fandom, with fans in the US and the UK sharing the idea.

A new trend has emerged among fans in both the US, Australia and Canada, who are using the team’s distinctive name in a bid to gain notoriety.

A tattoo on a team fan’s bodyA tattoo is a unique type of tattoo which has its origins in a fan’s love for a team, with the word ‘Raider’ often used to refer to the franchise.

In the US it has become a popular way of gaining fans’ attention in the fandom, especially in college campuses where players’ names are often tattooed and in social media.

In Australia, where the team has played its home games for the past 50 years, tattoo artists are using a similar style of tattooing to get the word out about the team.

A fan in New South Wales has tattooed the name ‘Raidernauts’ on his forearm and thigh, a tattoo which is a common way to advertise the team and garner fans’ interest.

“It was a fun, and quite a bit of fun,” the tattoo artist told The Irish News.

“I just like to see a good thing happen, I like to get something out of it.”

A tattoo artist in Queensland tattooed a ‘R’ on the left forearm of a fan and tattooed ‘R’, which is the word for ‘Raiderville’, on his thigh.

“The whole idea of a logo tattoo is to show that you care about the franchise and you’re not just an avid fan,” said tattoo artist Ben Taylor, from Melbourne.

“You want to see your name on the team, you want to show your support.”‘

Raiders fan tattoo’A tattoo can also be used to garner a crowd’s attention, with tattoos that feature a team logo appearing on fans’ bodies.

A ‘R” tattoo on the right forearm of an Australian fan.”

There’s a trend that’s emerging where people have got their logos on their body in a way that they can’t really get away with in real life, so they can have the chance to be seen as a fan,” Taylor said.”

Tattoos are getting more and more popular these days, so it’s just about creating the right look for the right occasion.

“The trend is especially common in college, high school and even university campuses, with tattoo artists working to make a tattoo of a player in a particular jersey look distinctive.”

Most of the time when you go to a tattoo parlour, the person you see has no idea what it is they’re getting, so you have to be creative with your look,” Taylor added.”

They can get a tattoo with a logo on their arm or leg and they can get one that’s really unique and it’s really distinctive to the team.

“Tattoo artist Ben Harris from Sydney has tattoo’d a ‘Raidler’ on a member of the Brisbane Broncos.”

With the logo, you can make it very personal.””

You can do a lot of different things with that, and it can really give a great message.”

With the logo, you can make it very personal.

“A fan from Sydney tattooed “Raiders” on the back of his forearm.

A Sydney tattoo artist tattooed an ‘R-R’ tattoo on his arm and thigh.

A team tattoo in Sydney.

Tattos can be a powerful way of attracting fans, with some tattooing being done in a deliberate attempt to create the image of the team as a symbol of their fandom.”

If a team has something that is very distinctive on its jersey and logo, it’s a good sign of the fandom and a really good way of showing your support,” said Taylor.”

A tattooing job can also get a lot more attention in an event because fans will be looking for it.

“The tattoo artist has worked with several different team jerseys and has a tattooed version of the name “Raidernaut”, on a Broncos jersey.”

Every time you have a new jersey that’s been put out, you’ll get the same logo tattoo,” he said.