Woman uses bathroom fan light to help her husband cope with his illness

A woman who used a bathroom fan to light up her husband’s bed has told CBC News her plan was inspired by the recent death of his mother.

Sarah McNeil, of North Vancouver, said she decided to try her hand at lighting up her late mother’s bed in the early hours of Friday.

“I didn’t want to go into the dark, I wanted to go out in the light,” McNeil said.

“When my husband died, it hit me hard.

I wanted that light, I really wanted that to help him, so I thought, why not light up his bed and have him know that there was someone there.”

McNeil had a few hours to get the plan down before her husband died on Monday.

“He was a very quiet person, very private, very quiet,” she said.

McNeil and her husband had been married for about six years and McNeil worked at a grocery store.

Her husband’s death was not immediately clear.

“We were just really devastated,” McNeill said.

She said she was inspired to create the light by her mother’s death.

“She died, she went to sleep, we went to the bathroom and there was nothing there,” McNeal said.

The fan, which she bought at the store, has a power switch that allows it to operate automatically.

The light will last for up to eight hours, McNeil added.

She plans to sell the light and donate the proceeds to the local seniors’ hospital.

“It’s just something I’m trying to show him how much I care about him,” McNeysaid.

“My mother was just an amazing woman and I wanted people to know that.”

How you can keep your own fans happy online

A new app to help you keep your fans happy, while still allowing you to have fun with them is out, and it’s called “Clip On Fan”.

It’s the brainchild of a Queensland-based app developer, Ryan Taylor, who says the app will be able to detect whether a person has been a fan for at least 12 months, and will show you an actionable way to change their preferences.

“I think it’s going to be one of the most popular apps in the world,” he said.

“It’s going a long way to bringing the fan experience to the masses.”

Taylor said the app was developed with a lot of help from the Australian Rugby League Club and its fans.

“We spent months and months just looking at how we can help our fans and how we could help them,” he told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“One of the things that was important to us was to have a great fan experience, and we wanted to make sure that was the case with the app.”

The app is being launched on the Apple App Store for iPhone and Android devices.

Mr Taylor said the new app would allow fans to change preferences, and share videos of them liking their favourite teams and games.

“You can get a list of fans that you can interact with through the app,” he explained.

“Then you can set up a custom playlist that you want to use.”‘

I’m a little bit scared’Mr Taylor is not the only one who is worried about the app’s potential impact.

“The only thing that really scared me is that it could be used by a lot more people than we are used to seeing, because you can actually make people like you and then change their tastes,” said David Miller, a member of the NRL Club’s Fans Council.

“If you can turn a lot people off, then that’s going be a pretty big problem.”

Mr Miller said the league would be interested in hearing from any suggestions on how the app could be improved.

“At the moment, it’s a really good tool to let people know that you’re the fan that they should be following,” he added.

“So I think that’s the real reason why people would want to try it.”


How to create a fan for a book

It’s not just the characters, it’s also the atmosphere and the writing that makes for a memorable reading experience.

That’s where the fan comes in.

Fanning is a term coined by the author James Patterson, a former journalist who is now an editor at HarperCollins Publishers.

Patterson is a master at creating a believable environment, and he’s worked to develop fan-service-friendly titles that appeal to both male and female readers.

Patterson’s latest work, Fanning: A Book of Stories, explores fan fiction and the idea of romance in a book that’s meant for all ages.

It features a mix of characters from both sexes that can be easily and quickly adapted for the reader of any age.

Fans can also interact with the story via social media, sharing their thoughts, emotions and feelings through a series of quizzes, short stories and other content.

Patterson said he uses fan-fiction as an extension of his own story, writing about his own personal experiences with fandom.

“It’s a way of getting in touch with something I’ve been wrestling with my whole life,” Patterson said.

“There’s a lot of stuff that happens in my life that I wouldn’t know if I wasn’t a fan.

So it was a way to tell the story of my life in the moment.”

The book will be published by HarperCollins and will be available in print on May 1, 2019.

Here’s what readers can expect: A few things readers can look forward to: A book with a few more characters.

The book has four new characters: a young man named Tom, a young woman named Emily and a man named Chris.

They’re not your standard book club members; instead, the new additions are people who have come into contact with the book, either through fan fiction or by reading Patterson’s stories.

These characters will be able to talk about their experiences with the books they’ve read and their feelings about the characters.

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